Unregistered Vehicles


Driving around in an unregistered vehicle can land you with an on-the-spot fine of $1,274. That’s ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED dollars. If the matter ends up in court, the court can impose further fines of up to $2200.00 for driving unregistered and $5500.00 for driving uninsured. Oops.


The worst part is, a lot of us unintentionally may drive around with an unregistered car. With the new changes in laws coming into effect including no more rego stickers and now the 5 year new car rules not requiring inspection, it can be difficult to remember whether a rego inspection is due or not.


Rego papers arrive 4 weeks before rego is due. To save yourself hassle, the papers actually advise whether you need an inspection or not. If you look on the right hand side of the papers and inside the yellow box, directly under the billing number, will say “INSPECTION REQUIRED” or “INSPECTION NOT REQUIRED”.


While you will still need green slips and insurance, you will not need to take your car in for a safety check, until the next papers come around.

One thought on “Unregistered Vehicles

  1. April Cook says:

    That is a large fine for an unregistered vehicle! I’d rather have to not pay that, so I’ll make sure to have all my inspections done. Typically, how often do you need a rego inspection? I just got my first car and am trying to figure out all that I need to do. Thanks for the tips!

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