Auto tyres and what those numbers mean!


190/60R18  105V  M+S

When it comes to tyres, it can all appear very foreign when you hear our mechanic talk about what tyres you need for your vehicle. But it need not be that daunting. Below is a concise explanation of how to understand your tyres better.


In the automotive tyre world, this tells you the following;
190 = width of the tyre in mm
50 = side tyre height (this is expressed as a % of the first number (the width), So in thiscase the side of the tyre – known as the “profile” is 95mm (50% of 190)
R = Radial – refers to the internal tyre construction and design. This bonds directly to the tread to give it strength. Other possibilities are B for Bias belted or D for Bias Ply. The majority of tyres will be Radial these days.

These are the numbers you would quote to get a tyre exactly the same as yours, replaced.

107 = weight index (how much load each tyre can carry) in this case it is 965kg per tyre.
V = speed index (the maximum speed you should only go with your tyres) in this case V = 240km/h (150MPH)
The next sequence is M+S which stands for Mud & Snow, stating these tyres are suitable for all weather conditions. A performance tyre would have no markings here.


So now you know what those numbers mean and you can order your own tyres!