Fuel Injectors and the Lipstick comparison

Many components work together to assist the liquid fuel that goes into your car, go through several parts to make your car move, but today we will be discussing one particular component, and that is FUEL INJECTORS.

These little babies are the size of a lipstick and, interestingly enough, they do exactly as their name implies, they INJECT fuel into the combustion chamber of your vehicle.

They spray spurts of liquid fuel in the combustion chamber. Air also gets directed into this combustion chamber at the same time. As they mix together, it creates the correct ratio for the pitons to move up and down and your car is now burning fuel and the car is in motion.

The gas that comes out of your exhaust is just the waste that is left over from the process in the combustion chamber.

A big issue is actually stop and go traffic. Stop and go traffic can cause all sorts of problems when it comes to burning fuel efficiently. When you idle your car, the engine ventilation is at its weakest and assists in keeping incomplete burned fuel in the combustion chamber. This can then leave what is called “engine deposits” (a cars term for faeces perhaps??) These deposits over may clog the fuel injectors which will interfere with the flow of fuel.

Avoiding idling is one way to stop this, however as this is not very practical given red lights and all, luckily there is an alternative so you can help minimise the damage. Fuel injector cleaner. This is will help remove valve deposits and clean fuel injector clogging. Follow up treatment once a year will help to keep your car running smoother for longer. Another recommendation for drivers in heavy stop and go traffic or drivers that only make short trips, is to change your oil more regularly.

Stop and go driving has become a daily ritual in our lives, but it doesn’t have to be the reason our cars break. With this knowledge and proper care and maintenance you can always be proactive and one step ahead instead of reactive and chasing to fix a problem once it occurs.

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