5 Facts about Mechanics that you didn’t know

A mechanic fixes your car… that’s all you need to know, right? It can be easy to forget that they are just people doing their job. Here’s 5 things you may or may not know about them.


  1. They specialise. There may be a large choice of mechanics in your area, but they each have their own little niche. Some prefer performance vehicles, some prefer working on diesel cars and some prefer working on European vehicles. There are enough cars out there to have work for eveyone.
  2. They don’t know EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong with your car. Cars are constantly changing and new parts are constantly failing. Your car mechanic knows the ‘mechanics’ of how a car works. There are parts that need to be maintained / repaired / replaced regularly.  Obviously these are easier to find. If your fault is not common, it may take some trial and error.
  3. They went to school AND worked on the job for 4 years. They may not be scientists, but their minds are constantly working about how parts go together and they are pretty good with their hands.
  4. They don’t just talk about CARS. They work on cars ALL DAY long. On days off, they prefer to talk about sport.
  5. An Auto Electrician is NOT a Mechanic and vice versa. They are 2 separate trades that definitely have some overlap, but can NOT be exchanged for one another. We know this, because our team consists of both Auto Electricians AND Motor Mechanics, and the BOSS has both trades. There are many that may try to pretend they know, but it’s when something goes wrong, that they struggle to fix the problem.

Just a little insight into the world of the greasy hands…