What’s in a mechanical service?

Whats included in the mechanical service?

This is the number 1 question, mechanics get asked and then customers still seem to remain confused or are unhappy with the answer, so let me clarify…

So what actually is involved in a mechanical service?

“Isn’t it just an oil and oil filter?”

Well to put it simply… No.

While the oil and oil filter are the consumables, a mechanical service is so much more than just replacing your oil and oil filter.

People often ask for a log book service, however only changing the oil and oil filter will not qualify for a log book stamp.

A proper log book service requires approximately 90-120 minutes to complete. Yes, that’s correct. It’s not just a quick 10 minute job. This includes preventative maintenance procedures and checks of specific equipment.

THIS is required as specified by vehicle manufacturers, and while you may not be receiving any physical product, you are receiving a thorough vehicle check that may locate any potential issues or any early wear and tear that needs attention. This is of course for your peace of mind, so you are not left stranded and having to waste more time and more money on towing your vehicle or expensive service call outs.

This detail carried out in a car service is designed to meet the needs of your car, and it also keeps your car in warranty.

So your mechanical service is a mixture of oil + filter + labour for inspections. While this may seem like a waste to you, it can be extremely beneficial in keeping your car in tip top shape.