Fuel Filter – EXPLAINED!


So you heard the term fuel filter, maybe even saw it on your receipt, but still not quite sure about what? or why? Well, read on for clarification and enlightenment.


What is it?

  • Is a small contraption that filters out contaminants that may be in the fuel you put in your car.


Where is it?

  • Located along the fuel line system – so unless you’re wearing your FBI cap, you will need to go investigating to find it.



  • Routinely, the fuel filter needs to be changed. How often depends on whether you are driving a diesel or petrol vehicle. Diesel is more often and petrol would be less often.


  • Other times you may need to change it, is when your fuel gets contaminated by water or even wrong fuel.



  • Let’s start with what happens if you don’t change it…

       – Well if you don’t change it, there will be less fuel efficiency, and an imminent death is on the cards for your car. It will eventually clog up and therefore cant filter anymore so the dirty fuel will go into the other key components of the fuel line and cause damage to those parts.

    (A little bit like your liver… if you keep drinking without a break, you don’t give it a chance to recover and it cant filter out the alcohol quick enough – you will be admitted to hospital !)


    To Sum it up…

    • The fuel filter is an integral part of your cars ability to function effectively, so don’t overlook this little contraption, and remember –

    if it’s not working  –

    it’s broken