What on earth is the difference? Major Vs Minor Service

You need a mechanical service… AGAIN, and this time it’s a “Major”… wtf?

Look, think of it this way… It’s like going to Sunday Brunch with your extended family – you don’t really want to go, but you know it’s a good idea to show up.


Minor Service

  • This will be what most of your services are. You need to replace the oil and oil filter regularly. Why?


  • Well, they get clogged up and dirty. Think of it a little bit like changing your bed sheets… the longer you leave them, the dirtier they get (and no-one likes sleeping in filth)


  • It also involves inspection of all the internal bits (kinda like a physical for you), just to check for any obvious wear and tear and any urgent attention that may be required.



Major Service

  • This usually involves replacing the bigger components of the car, such as timing belt and water pump, in addition to the oil and filter. These services take a bit longer to complete but are very detailed and keep your car in-check for a long time.
  • While you may not have any noises coming from your car or any lights on the dash warning you –  if the service booklet suggests you replace it, you probably should. The manufacturer usually knows how well they have assembled the car and when you need to take pre-emptive measures, so… your car doesn’t fall apart.


Sooooo, which one?

  • Well, that all depends on how many kilometres and miles your car has climbed. It used to be a standard 100,000km was a Major service, however, now each car is different and varies greatly – so much as 60,000km for one car and 120,000km for another car.