Symptoms – it’s your car battery

When your car is doing something weird, it’s time to do some diagnosing. Let’s go.



  • Car cranks for a long time before actually starting
  • Car doesn’t start
  • Slow cranking
  • Dim lights on the dash
  • Radio may cut in and out while driving OR lose radio memory
  • Engine light on the dash



Could also be –

–> These symptoms are not only related to the battery and could also be something else such as;

  • Starter Motor
  • Alternator
  • Other engine diagnostic


Where is it located?

  • Your car battery is generally located under the bonnet for 95% of vehicles, however car manufacturers have become very creative when it comes to the placement of these batteries and have put them in all sorts of weird an wonderful places, such as under drivers seats and in car boots. (So if your battery is missing – check in the other places mentioned!)


Repair or replace?

  • Car batteries are not exactly ‘repairable’.  Perhaps, back in the day when your grandmother was a “Miss Universe” contestant – they were able to be topped up with water, however these days batteries are fully sealed and maintenance free, for your pleasure.



  • Just like everything else on this earth, there is such a variety when it comes to the cost of your car battery, and it all depends on the manufacturing methods used to produce it and all the ‘stuff’ they put inside it.


  • CHEAP Batteries;
    • Constructed with internal materials such as cardboard (yes, that’s not a typo), and other design elements that are easily and cheaply produced.


  • MID Range Batteries
    • Consisting of better construction with better materials such as high grade plastic, usually they also consist of lead calcium alloy.


  • Expensive Batteries;
    • Made with silver (yes, the actual precious metal). Silver provides so many benefits such as resistance to heat and corrosion, therefore providing a longer service life.


  • Uber Expensive batteries;    OK these aren’t generally for your car and usually have a specialized application, such as solar batteries and farming or boating applications. So, I guess they really shouldn’t be on this list.. hmm..

So the long and short of it is this: When it comes to deciding which car battery, go with a trusted name that has a long record of tech experience in producing and dealing with cars and batteries, and you can’t go wrong. Also, you get what you pay for…

And remember –

If it’s not working…

– It’s broken